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Doing Business with the State of Florida Overview

Sunbiz (Florida Division of Corporations)

Vendor Information Portal (VIP)

Commodity Codes

Office of Supplier Diversity (OSD)

Vendor Bid System (VBS)


State Term Contract / Alternate Source Contract

Keep in mind there is a window for enrollment to be able to bid. If you miss this window, you can still enroll, but you need to be on the GSA or work with a vendor that is already on the State Term or GSA.

The FTC has many companies that are already on the State Term and on the GSA. Reach out to us if you would like to connect with one of these companies.


How can I look at contract opportunities to know what's available?

If you enroll in the MFMP (My Florida Market Place), you’ll not only have access to current bid opportunities, but you can also select to be notified when new contract opportunities are released.

You can also go to the DMS State Contracts and Agreements page to see bid opportunities. They also put bids out on the Vendor Bid System. Sometimes they do both, sometimes not. Through the VBS, you can even enroll for electronic notification


How can I become a GSA Vendor?

Note: it is not easy to become a GSA Vendor. Unless you are doing a great amount of business with the state or federal government, it is better to join projects as a subcontractor.


How to Register to do Business with the State of Florida

All vendors must be registered in the MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) Vendor Information Portal (VIP) to do business with the State of Florida. Training resources that cover the registration process are available on the MFMP Training for Vendors page; vendors may download job aids, view online trainings, or register for webinars or in-person seminars. Vendors may contact the MFMP Customer Service Desk at 866-352-3776 or for assistance with the registration process. 

How to Become a GSA Vendor

Applicants must be an established business with two years of operation and an earned revenue of at least $25,000 per year.

Note: GSA offers the IT Schedule 70 Startup Springboard to get information technology (IT) vendors that have been in operation for less than two years onto Schedule 70.

  1. Obtain a free D-U-N-S Number from Dun & Bradstreet, Inc. (Takes approximately 30 days)
  2. Obtain a North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) Code.
  3. Register with the System for Award Management (SAM). (Takes approximately 7 to 14 days)
  4. Demonstrate a pattern of past performance: Open Ratings Retirement and Past Performance Requirements for new MAS Offerors.
  5. Complete the Pathway to Success and Readiness Assessment trainings in the GSA Vendor Education Center

Resources: How to Get on a GSA Schedule ( 10.53 MB) Additional resources are available in the GSA Vendor Toolbox and, for Schedule 70 vendors, on the How to Get a Contract page. Vendors may contact GSA at 855-482-4348 or, or a state/regional Customer Service Director, for assistance. FASt Lane: The GSA FASt Lane program offers a faster application processing time for Schedule 70 vendors that meet certain criteria. Once an offer has been submitted, send an email to; include the company name, D-U-N-S Number, and eOffer ID.

How to Obtain a GSA Schedule
  1. Download and read the Schedule 70 or Schedule 84 solicitation package.
  2. Prepare an offer; the offer should demonstrate that the company meets all GSA requirements, including a reasonable and competitive price. The offer should also indicate if the company is willing to participate in the Cooperative Purchasing Program. Participation in the Cooperative Purchasing Program is voluntary; however, in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation 8.4, Florida buyers can only utilize participating vendors designated by the "Coop Purch" logo on the GSA website.
  3. Submit the offer electronically using the GSA eOffer web-based application.
  4. GSA will review the offer for award. (Takes approximately 3 to 6 months)

After the offer is submitted, GSA will look for a number of items; GSA will verify that all the required information necessary to evaluate the offer has been submitted. The following are key elements of the offer that will be reviewed:

  • Pricing;
  • Past performance;
  • Scope (i.e. the supplies/services are within the scope of the schedule);
  • Financial capability;
  • Technical;
  • Subcontracting plan (if applicable);
  • Other regulatory compliance.


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