Advisory Board

​The Florida Technology Council looks to its board for the vision and direction of the organization, including its platform, priorities and initiatives. The Advisory Board represents executives from a range of industries indicative of Florida's leadership in innovation.​

FTC Chair
Cyndy Loomis


Eduardo Gonzalez Loumiet, Ruvos,, CEO
JC Flores, ATT, Vice President
Katy Fenton, Krya Solutions, Vice President
Philip Shoemaker, Inspired Technologies, CEO
Evan St. Lifer, Scholastics, Vice President
Dr. Jim Murdaugh, Tallahassee Community College, President

FTC Vice Chair
Christophe Reglat, Coaxis International, CEO

Srikanth Basavanahally, Codewired, Owner/President
Rebekah Hammond, Kyra Solutions, Director
Ben Stuart, Beth Nunnally, SAS
Chris Gilpin, Signal-Vault, President
Wes Chambers, World Wide Technology
Kevin Lombardo, Harris, VP Gov Relations, State and Local


FTC Madam Secretary
Pam Superdock, ImageSoft, Acct Exec


Tray Williams, Advanced Systems Design, Vice President
Robert Hosay, Foley & Lardner, Partner
Elizabeth VanAcker, 5 Points Technology Group, CEO
Christie Pontis, CenturyLink
Duane Daunt, ISF

Legislative Team

Enwright Rimes Consulting
Randy Enwright, President
Jim Rimes, Vice President
Clay Barker, Political Consultant

Adams Street Advocates

Adams Street Advocates
Claudia DaVant
Rebecca Roman

Redfish Consulting

Redfish Consulting
Mike Fisher, President

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